The Dynamic Duo of Back Street Catering and the Middleburg Community Charter School Host the Biz Buzz

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Wilbur and Orville Wright. John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Serena and Venus Williams. These are just a few partnerships that changed the world, and the Middleburg Community Charter School and Tutti Perricone of Back Street Catering are doing exactly that— by nourishing the bodies and minds of the school’s scholars!

This dynamic combination welcomed MBPA members to the Biz Buzz at MCCS on April 11, and it was a memorable evening for all.

“Everyone loves Tutti,” said MBPA President Punkin Lee. “And everyone loves her food!”
(Rabid applause ensued.)

With Tutti at the helm, the Back Street Café started over 35 years ago on Federal Street, serving Middleburg residents and visitors until a change in business model from restaurant to catering. As the catering business grew, Tutti needed a bigger kitchen, so she set up shop at the now defunct Middleburg Academy. Upon Middleburg Academy’s closing. Back Street Catering found its current home at the Middleburg Community Charter School, where Tutti and her staff create magic in the kitchen for the school’s students and for a myriad of clientele in the area.

“In 2022, Tutti was inducted to the Upperville Colt & Horse Show’s Wall of Honor in recognition of her decades of work with America’s oldest horse show,” Punklin continued. “This June, Tutti will again grace Upperville with her wonderful smile and wonderful food. If we are lucky, she will sing!”

(Sadly, despite the presence of a piano and a microphone, Tutti did not break into song.)

“While the Middleburg Community Charter School by name is relatively new, but the building is over 100 years old and once taught through high school,” Punkin explained. “My parents attended the Middleburg School, and my grandmother taught English here.”

Middleburg Community Charter School, founded in 2014, seeks to empower all students, grades K-5, to make meaningful contributions to the world with am interdisciplinary curriculum that results in a great atmosphere for instilling a love of lifelong learning.

“We adhere to seven principles to unlock your everyday genius,” said Katie Charnley, Curriculum Support Specialist. “We host a Young Entrepreneurs Fair every third Saturday starting in May for ages 6 to 17, as well as Field Work Fridays, where visitors talk about what they do and how they support the community. If you’d like to sign up, just reach out!”

Middleburg Mayor Bridge Littleton gave a brief presentation on the recent Loudoun Together: Strategies for Our Future summit that was held April 11 at the Salamander Resort & Spa. Over 200 people attended the summit, in which community leaders spoke on the challenges facing Loudoun County. A highly informational discussion on how Eastern and Western Loudoun can come together to preserve the future.

“The open space of Western Loudoun is important not only to us, but to our Eastern neighbors and neighbors in adjoining counties and our visitors,” Punkin stated in her introduction of the mayor. “MBPA was a sponsor of the event, as were the Land Trust of Virginia, Middleburg Life and the Piedmont Environmental Council, and all of the proceeds— over $4,500— went to Seven Loaves Services!”

“If Loudoun County is going to be the Loudoun County we all love today 50 years from now, we have to start having comm conversation now,” said Bridge. “We have to stop talking about ‘what I want versus what you want’ and realize that goals dreams and visions are aligned.”

He continued, “We can achieve what all parts of the County want. How can we be better at what we do in Eastern Loudoun while using that as an engine to put more land in Western Loudoun in conservation easement? How do we want to be sure our Western values endure? If we don’t fix this now, we will be in dire straits, and Transfer Development Rights programs, such as those implemented by Montgomery County, Maryland, can make this happen.”

The overall consensus was that Middleburg and its people exhibited our trademark hospitality and generosity, and it was felt by everyone in attendance.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Bridge or Ali at the Town Office 540-687-5152.

Town Updates

Hearty congratulations to Lt Shaun Jones on his new position as Chief of Police for the Town of Middleburg! Shaun officially starts his new duties on May 1, but if you think he’s coasting until then, you are mistaken.

“I am very excited about becoming your new Chief of Police,” he said to the packed house of MBPA Members. “I am thankful and humbled by the opportunity and look forward to working with the town and its residents. Community policing is about building partnerships, and I will be visiting everyone at least once in the coming weeks.”

Don’t forget! The Middleburg Police Department and MBPA worked together with the Town to produce MPD Call Cards, which should be clearly posted in your place of business in the event a call to our police department is necessary. The card includes the phone number for the MPD Duty Officer as well as information on Loudoun County Sheriff and 911.

Ali MacIntyre, Director of Business and Community Partnerships for the Town, was still on her feet and smiling after an extremely long day at the summit and briefed attendees on the latest Town events, including:

KC Tregoning, Business Retention Specialist for Loudoun County Department of Economic Development will hold “Business Hours” at the Town Office on April 26. KC can answer any questions you may have regarding county business resources. Contact Ali if you would like an appointment

The Middleburg Job Fair returns to the Community Center on May 9. If you would like to sign up for a booth, contact Ali

There are still some spaces left for artists at Art in the Burg on May 13. Click here to download the Artists Application.

After a hiatus, the Middleburg Farmers Market will return to Town, beginning May 20 and running through October. The Farmers Market will be hosted by the Middleburg Community Charter School.

We may have said farewell to Loyal Companion, but there’s a new pet store in the same space. Stop by Tilley’s Pet Supplies at 5b East Washington Street for all of your furry friends’ needs.

MBPA Updates

MBPA welcomes new members Hestia Design Collective, May Aesthetics Boutique and Any LabTest Now!

MBPA Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm at Emmanuel Parish House. Board meetings are open to all members, and we value your time and input, so please join us!

MBPA is grateful to Members who host the monthly Biz Buzz—the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30 pm. If you are a smaller business and would like to host, but are concerned about space, you are welcome to partner with another member business (or two!) to host the Biz Buzz. If you need any help finding a suitable space for the event, let Punkin or another Board Member know, and they will gladly help you find a location. When we work together, anything is possible!

Upcoming Events

Check out the Visit Middleburg online events calendar here or check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Door Prizes

Congratulations to Guy Gerachis of Aldie Heritage Association on winning the very cool Under Armour backpack from Premier Promotional Products!

Congratulations to Tori Sullivan of BarnWiz on winning the fabulous organizer, also from Premier Promotional Products!

Doug Wall, Pastor of Middleburg Baptist Church, capped off the evening by winning the Certified Humane goody bag!

We will see you at the next Biz Buzz, Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at Brick & Mortar Mercantile, 201 West Washington Street in Middleburg.