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Romantic Bronzes from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Apr 14, 2023 – Aug 20, 2023
National Sporting Library & Museum
102 The Plains Rd.

Romantic Bronzes showcases more than 30 extraordinary works by the 19th-century French sculptor Antoine-Louis Barye that Mrs. Nelson L. St. Clair Jr. generously donated to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) over the past 20 years.

Each of the works in the St. Clair collection of Barye bronzes has been meticulously selected with an admirable degree of expert connoisseurship. These works are not only among the finest that the artist produced but also illustrate distinctive aspects of the medium, style, and historical period in which they were realized.

The exhibition, curated by Dr. Sylvain Cordier, Paul Mellon Curator and Head of the Department of European Art, is both a celebration of this special donation and an invitation to learn about the various motivations and techniques involved in the art of bronze casting in the age of Romanticism.

This exhibition is made possible through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Statewide Partnership Program.

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