2022 Board Members

Punkin Lee (President): Punkin is the owner of Journeymen Saddlers, a Middleburg native and an alumna of The Hill School.

Kari Bowman: Kari is the recreation director at Salamander Resort & Spa, where she has worked since 2013. She holds a bachelor of science in sports management from Iowa State University.

Rev. Eugene LeCouteur: Gene has served as the rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church since November 2017. He holds a master’s degree in biblical studies from Union Theological Seminary, as well as an MBA in marketing from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. Gene completed his bachelor of arts in music and history at the College of William & Mary.

Dwight Grant: Dwight Grant, a native to Middleburg, follows a family lineage of entrepreneurship that has well served this community at its “roots.” Humble inceptions ground Dwight and customer service connects him to the modern Middleburg. As the owner and operator of Salon Aubrey located in Middleburg, Virginia, Dwight understands the pace of change in real time and is delighted to assist and support the positive undertakings around town.

Ali MacIntyre (Ex-Officio Board Member): Ali is the Director of Business Development and Community Partnerships for the Town of Middleburg. Originally from the Hampton Roads area, she is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has been living in Loudoun for the last five years.

Michelle McNaughton: Michelle is the proprietor of The Playroom, a wonderful store filled with toys, games, activities, and other learning & development opportunities that will inspire creativity, joy, and confidence in kids of all ages. She is an alumna of The Hill School.

Samia Salmon: Sam is the branch manager of Northwest Federal Credit Union‘s Middleburg branch.

Mabel Walsh: Mabel is the manager of Zest Boutiques Clothing Co. and a member of the Middleburg Garden Club.