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Amanda's Regal Canine

Address 105 W. Marshall St. Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.4232 Website: amandasregalcanine.com

Great Meadow Foundation

Address 5089 Old Tavern Rd. The Plains VA 20198 Phone: 540.253.5000 Fax: 540.253.5005 Website: greatmeadow.org

Highcliffe Clothiers

Address 112 W. Washington St., Suite 101 Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.5633 Fax: 540.687.5933 Website: highcliffeclothiers.com

Journeymen Saddlers

Address 2 W. Federal St. Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.5888

Middleburg Hunt

Address P.O. Box 1025 Middleburg VA 20118 Website: middleburghunt.com

Middleburg Spring Races Association

Address 107 W. Federal St. #9 Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.6545 Fax: 540.687.3912 Website: middleburgspringraces.com

Paws for Holistic Pet Care

Address 8381 W. Main St. Marshall VA 20115 Phone: 703.395.0795 Fax: 540.364.8068 Website: drverna.com

Properly Posh Pets LLC

Address 12025 Town Square St., Apt. 1223 Reston VA 20190 Phone: 202.492.3593 Website: properlyposhpets.com

Salamander Resort & Spa

Address 500 N. Pendleton St. Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.3600 Website: salamanderresort.com

Sprout Therapeutic Riding & Education Center

Address 40685 John Mosby Hwy. Aldie VA 20105 Phone: 571.367.4555 Website: sproutcenter.org

The Club at Creighton Farms

Address 22050 Creighton Farms Dr. Aldie VA 20105 Phone: 703.957.4800 Fax: 703.542.8610 Website: creightonfarms.com

The Tack Box Inc.

Address 7 W. Federal St. Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.3231 Fax: 540.687.5171 Website: thetackboxinc.com

Tilton Enterprises LLC

Address 201 E. Washington St. Middleburg VA 20118 Phone: 540.687.7067 Fax: 540.687.7097 Website: tiltonenterprises.com

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Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds

Address 7408 John Marshall Hwy. Marshall VA 20115 Phone: 540.364.1891 Fax: 540.364.2216 Website: tricountyfeeds.com

Wylie Wagg/Kriser's Natural Pet

Address 5B E. Washington St. Middleburg VA 20117 Phone: 540.687.8727 Website: krisers.com


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